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COMFORT CHARACTERS! daishō suguru, miya atsumu, oikawa tooru, ugetsu murata, terushima yuuji, jj maybank, alice cullen, elio perlman, jasper hale, edward cullen, narcissa black, fred weasley, pansy parkinson, peter parker, kyle scheible, john murphy, bellamy blake, raven reyes, commander lexa, isaac lahey, stiles stilinski, allison argent, derek hale, niklaus mikaelson, elijah mikaelson, kai parker

BYF! i’m bad at pms but i’ll try. if i posted thing that made uncomfy pls lmk. sb to break the mutual instead of unf. i am a minor. not really active.

DFI! you’re homophobic or/and sexist. unecessarily mean. you’re islamphopic

YAY! anime, painting, soft things, languages, rain

NAY! homopho-
bia, toxic/two-faced, non-haechans, dark humor, spicy food, being ridiculed